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Mon, 21 Dec 2009

Dear Valued Customer,

Your company\'s P.O Box is due for renewal and please note that the renewal before the 31st January 2010.  Following are the requirements for the renewal:

1.      Application form duly filled and complete (please visit ).

2.      Payment of AED.1500/- as renewal fee for the regular and AED. 2500/- for the Gold.

Kindly ensure timely renewal. Penalty of AED.500/- will be invoked in an unfortunate event of delay in renewal beyond 31st January 2010 and before 28th February 2010.   

Renewal  after 28th February 2010 would only be possible (with payment of penalty of AED.500/-) if the P.O Box still retained in your name by EMPOST and not released or allocated to any third party.  

Your earliest action in the above regard would be much appreciated

Thank you,  

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  • Employment Package use when the applicant either does not have an employment visa or his current sponsor is not a government entity.
  • Transfer Package use when the applicant is transferring to or from a government entity or within DSO.
  • Official Letter Services use to request official letters from DSO to other entities.
  • Dependant Package use to apply for residency of immediate family members and Domestic Helpers.
  • Employment Cancellation Package use to apply for Employment Visa Cancelaltion.
  • Visit Visa Package use to apply for Entry Permit for those who wish to visit United Arab Emirates.
  • Amendment Package use to update details of existing entry permit or residency permit because of job title change, new passport, etc.
  • P.O.Box Package use to apply for services related to P.O.Box.
  • ID Card Package use to apply for services related to ID cards.

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  • Employment Servicesdetails about employment service packages, procedures, and documentations.
  • Residence Servicesprocedures on sponsoring family members and resident visa applications.
  • Visit Visa Servicesdetails about visit visa entry permit, cancellation, absconding while on visit visa and reporting incidents.
  • Official Service Letter details about different types of official letter services from companies registered under Dubai Silicon Oasis.
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